Tree of Life Dreamcatcher Necklace – Pyrite


Unique handmade Organite Tree of Life Dreamcatcher Necklace made from natural Pyrite crystal chips with Amethyst crystals and Clear Quartz crystal points on an adjustable cord.

This necklace is intricately handmade by local people from the Cuzco Village of a small Incan town in the Andes.

Orgonite is a process where resin, metal shavings, copper wire, and crystal create a positive energy that balances and harmonises our chi, prana, and life force energy. The orgonite process amplifies the healing properties of crystals. It helps protects against EMF’s, can help with more energy and to balance moods.

Pyrite is a powerful manifestation stone that helps to clear negative thought patterns resulting in a new way of thinking. It is the ultimate representation of abundance, so is best used in meditation practice.

Clear Quartz is used for balancing, focusing, and healing.

Size: Tree of Life Pendant 1.5cm diameter (average)

Total pendant length – 7cm

A perfect gift for yourself or someone special.


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